More than IVF: Options for more inclusive, less invasive family-forming benefits for your workforce

Historically, much of the conversation around family-forming benefits has been on IVF. And while well-intentioned, only less than 3% of infertility cases require invasive treatments like IVF in order to achieve pregnancy. From nutrition to wearables and more, it’s important that your workforce has access to less invasive options that can support their pursuits of parenthood. If you're a benefits decision-maker looking to expand your fertility offerings, consider finding a program that incorporates these family-forming options, as well.

Inclusive coverage for employees.
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We’ll work with you to create the right fertility benefits plan for your business, right now. Launch in just a few weeks and at any time of the year.

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Carrot is flexible and works with your needs. Simply designate funds, and we’ll handle the admin. With Carrot Card, your employees can easily access funds and pay for fertility treatments and services.

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Carrot goes beyond just fertility coverage. Employees can access services from egg freezing and IVF to adoption and surrogacy and more.

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Did you know that 68% of employees are willing to switch jobs for fertility benefits? With Carrot, you can deliver a world-class fertility benefit that provides inclusive, exceptional care with global coverage.

Our members have spoken: 95% plan to stay at their company longer because their employer offers the Carrot benefit.

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