Personalized care for your global workforce

Provide employees comprehensive, industry-leading support for maternity through menopause and pre-pregnancy through parenting.

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Member-first, personalized support

Carrot members receive individually curated Carrot Plans that guide them to the experts and resources that are most helpful. Because no two journeys are the same, and everyone deserves care that’s right for them.


Proven outcomes,
lower costs

Carrot's unique clinical program helps members explore alternatives to costly and invasive care, like ovulation tracking and nutrition counseling. If IVF is the best option, our focus on education has resulted in an industry-leading SET rate and above-average IVF pregnancy rate. This means better outcomes, a better member experience, and ultimately, lower costs.

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The most flexible plan design options in the industry

We partner with employers like you to design a benefit that fits the unique needs of your employees, your budget, and your goals.

Expert care and support around the world

130+ countries, 10,000+ eligible providers, 24/7 expert support, 100% Carrot-managed network. Carrot provides exceptional care across continents and cultures, with language, currency, and payment options to match every member’s need.


Every person, every journey

Serving more than 1,000 customers globally

“I'm coming at fertility benefits from the lens of what will empower, engage, and attract our employees, but we also want to make sure that we're driving home potential cost impact with our finance team.”

Accolade, Carrot customer

“We believe in age-inclusive fertility healthcare, which is why we're delighted to see Carrot leading the way with this robust solution that includes fertility treatments and pregnancy, as well as menopause and low testosterone care.”

Lucid, Carrot customer

“By offering diverse benefits that meet folks where they are, we practice what we preach. Innovative and meaningful benefits like Carrot have greatly impacted employee recruitment and have helped us retain top talent.”

Modern Health, Carrot customer

“A lot of companies say they are "global," but they can’t deliver on it. With Carrot, it’s been easy to take our benefit global. Ultimately, it was a business decision, and Carrot was the complete package.”

Box, Carrot customer
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9 out of 10 members say they’ll stay longer at their employer because they offer Carrot.

“Amazing team, super helpful responses — it makes me feel more empowered, confident, and overall just so incredibly grateful for this benefit and all that it covers. Thank you, Carrot!”

— Carrot member

“It is a stressful and emotional journey at the best of times, and so having the financial burden lifted allows us space to breathe and really choose what is right for us. I'm so grateful!”

— Carrot member

“Couldn’t be happier with this benefit. It’s really a life-changing opportunity."

— Carrot member

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