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Single embryo transfer (SET) rate drives healthier, lower cost, singleton pregnancies
Carrot members have a 60% IVF pregnancy rate versus the national average of 54% — meaning fewer IVF cycles and cost-effective care

Healthier pregnancies through personalized care

IVF is a crucial assisted reproduction option for those diagnosed with infertility, same-sex couples, single parents by choice, and more — but it may not be the first step for all cases. At Carrot, our experts suggest less-invasive options first when appropriate, including 1:1 nutrition counseling, precision ovulation tracking, and IUI. Ultimately, 60% of Carrot members choose these options over IVF.

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Single embryo transfer (SET) rates matter

Carrot helps members navigate the IVF process, including through our first-of-its-kind SET program. SET is the single most predictive indicator of singleton IVF pregnancies, which are linked to safer deliveries, healthier babies, and lower healthcare costs.

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