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The need for menopause and low testosterone support

of the workforce is in some phase of the menopause transition
of men 45+ experience low testosterone
or fewer of all OB/GYNs in the U.S. are trained in menopause care

Why offer menopause and low testosterone benefits?

Modern and comprehensive fertility benefits are age-inclusive. Fertility hormones fluctuate throughout life, especially through major changes such as menopause. This impacts all employees and can lead to decreased productivity, employee turnover, early retirement, and, ultimately, higher costs for employers. Age-inclusive fertility benefits can offset these costs while providing menopause and low testosterone support for your employees.


What do menopause and low testosterone journeys look like?

People experiencing menopause and low testosterone often bounce around the healthcare system without receiving adequate care due to a lack of provider training and familiarity in these areas. Finding the right specialist can help people access the right care more quickly.

Holistic, expert support every step of the way

With Carrot, members around the world can gain access to clinically validated support in every aspect of their menopause or low testosterone journeys. This includes:
Specialized network
Provider matching
Unlimited access to virtual experts
Clinically backed education
Specialist-led group sessions
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) through Carrot Rx

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