A message from Tammy Sun, Founder and CEO

UPDATED 3/7/24 in response to Alabama governor signing an IVF protection bill into law

We applaud any effort to expand and protect access to IVF and other critical fertility treatments, and we're encouraged to see progress being made on this front today in Alabama. It's clear that there is strong consensus in support of IVF and fertility care from diverse groups, individuals, and communities everywhere. We hope voices from across the spectrum continue to speak up for universal access to this life-changing medical care that helps people form families. The team at Carrot remains deeply committed to our millions of members, helping them access all the fertility benefits available to them, including in Alabama.


The Alabama Supreme Court’s decision inflicts pain and suffering on individuals in a way that is particularly cruel by interfering with the way they pursue parenthood and build families. This ruling has paralyzed fertility care in Alabama and the repercussions are painful and far reaching.

At Carrot, we have been tracking the discourse in Alabama on this topic for quite some time so, while we are deeply disappointed by the outcome of the case, we are also prepared. Carrot serves members in all 50 states, including Alabama, and our teams have moved swiftly to ensure they know about the diverse resources available to support them during this difficult time. The Carrot team will continue to stand with them, along with our provider partners in Alabama, as the consequences of this decision unfold in the coming weeks, months, and years.

As leaders, individuals, and communities who care deeply about reproductive healthcare and family building, it is important we now collectively focus on protecting Alabama patients while ensuring that other states do not follow suit. We stand with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and other leading organizations in their ongoing efforts to protect the doctor-patient relationship and access to high quality medical care.

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