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Carrot member spotlight: Sarah’s pregnancy journey with lactation expert support

Sarah Hodges, Therapy Manager at Headspace, first started exploring her Carrot resources when she learned she could use her employer-provided funds for doula support. After signing up, she discovered that Carrot could also help her navigate some of the questions she had about breastfeeding her older child during pregnancy — something she’d seen mixed answers on both online and from medical providers. She talked with us about how Carrot is helping her navigate pregnancy and get ready to welcome her family’s new addition next year.

How did you first hear about Carrot? 

I heard about Carrot from a colleague who was using her benefit to get reimbursed for doula support. I started looking into the process to do the same (I am expecting early 2024) and learned so much about what Carrot has to offer. It's an incredible offering that I am so glad I heard about! 

How did Carrot help you? 

Carrot helped me acquire a fabulous doula that will be sure to help during the birth and delivery of our second child in 2024. Carrot also helped me to connect with a certified lactation counselor to discuss breastfeeding my current little while pregnant. 

What did you appreciate most about talking with a Carrot Expert? 

I got mixed messages from different medical providers (several OBs and a pediatrician) about breastfeeding while pregnant. I had felt pushed and judged for the questions I asked and lacked an understanding of the risks versus benefits of continuing or discontinuing breastfeeding. When I met with Bevin she was so kind, open, and non judgemental, and responded so well to all my questions. She took the time to educate me, hear my questions, and understand my concerns and thought processes. She listened to my thought processes and reviewed different options to approach breastfeeding. She was open to meeting again if I needed continued help and guidance. Having her as a supportive resource and education source was so valuable to me. 

If you didn’t have access to Carrot, what would you have done instead for help? 

I likely would've Google searched and gone down too many rabbit holes of information, I am sure some accurate and some inaccurate. 

Have you used any other Carrot resources? 

I have read some of the recommended articles that were part of my Carrot plan. I am using Carrot to help with reimbursement for a doula and used their resource guide to help find a good fit. I plan on using Carrot’s articles after my next little one is born for support as needed, as well. 

What would you tell someone who was considering using Carrot? 

Do it! It's such a great resource and benefit. The people are responsive, personal, and respectful of whatever journey you are on and genuinely here to help. 

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