Maternal health in the workplace: A report from Carrot Fertility

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of women who recently gave birth and remained in the workforce reached a decade-plus high last year. While this progress is promising, women in the workforce continue to face challenges throughout their pregnancies and during the postpartum period that not only impact their professional development but their physical and mental health, as well. We surveyed nearly 1,300 women across the U.S. to better understand their pregnancy, postpartum, and return-to-work experiences in order to shed light on where they need more support.

Among mothers who were surveyed, preparedness for pregnancy at all stages is lacking. Just 50% of all respondents felt prepared going into the prenatal stage, with the percentage declining to 38% in the postpartum stage, and 39% upon returning to work. Plus, nearly all working mothers (91%) cite at least one major challenge returning to work. 

Our survey results reveal that while pregnancy and postpartum experiences can vary, the majority are in agreement that work plays a significant role in maternal health. Workplace benefits, including pregnancy and postpartum support, can influence whether someone stays with their employer or pursues job opportunities elsewhere. 

Read the full report to learn more about supporting mothers in the workplace and the important role employers play in mitigating financial, physical, and mental challenges women face in their maternal health journeys. 

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